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Anko's Voicemail

You have reached the voicemail of

If you wish to request an appointment for
Career Counceling
Leave your name and number and the time you'd like to see me!
I'll get back to ya as soon as I can!

If you're calling to ask me out for a date... I'm flattered and we'll see!

If you're that annoying loser
Huge-ass Nay-jee
I don't know why you're calling...
So go away!

If you're my precious 'ol buddeh, Gai, I'll find you later and kick your ass!
Because I love you and you're the best ever!

If you're just calling for the sake of calling or something else... well...
I'll leave ya to it!

Obviously I ain't in right now...
Or I'm too sloshed to answer the phone!
In either case... I'll call ya back later!

So leave your message, whatever it is, after the beep!

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