Mitarashi Anko (ankoeatsdango) wrote,
Mitarashi Anko

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GAI! I was so jealous of that killer tan you got, I kinda... just took off to go get a better one! Yeah, just like those days in highschool when I ran off to do crazy things, eh?! Haha... yeah well, at least this time I'll come back sooner XD;; Keep it real with your whale of a boyfriend!

And just know... I'd be happy to chase Neji down the street with a lawnmower like the old days hang out with you when I get back :D

I'll miss ya tons!

Oh, and CABBAGE OLD BUDDY OLD PAL!! Thank's for lettin' me shack up at yer place the other night. You rock!

((OOC: Hiatus until further notice.))
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